Who We Are

Founded in 2020 by Todd Bates & Sherry Laffoon, WLTK-db is an online paranormal talk radio station. WLTK-db broadcasts live and original programming onsite and to directories across the globe.

We at WLTK-db work extensively to bring you premium quality Paranormal talk radio shows. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or advanced Paranormal enthusiast, we have talk shows to fit your needs. We take pride in not only educating and inspiring you, but also entertaining you.

Ready for the next level in your life? Contact us about hosting your own radio show. We provide all you need, including training, at a price you can afford! Be a part of something special, something up and coming! Spots fill up quickly so contact us today and see just how easy it is to get started.

Quality matters to us and you should expect nothing different from our station and our productions.

Captain & First Mate

Todd Bates

Sherry Laffoon

What we offer

WLTK-DB is an online audio and video broadcast station.  We offer background show engineerings, voice overs, podcast syndications, broadcast training, and more.

You provide us your live show idea, we take that idea and turn it into a full live production for you.  Not only do we take care of the tech work, but we also provide you with a good quality podcast or video production.

We have all the tools needed to make your show a success and rise above the rest!


Nicole Strickland - Producer

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