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August 7, 2021 - Cryptozoology
The Afterlife Chronicles with Nicole Strickland

On this week’s episode (080521) of the Afterlife Chronicles, I welcome friend and colleague Lon Strickler – Fortean researcher, author and blogger at phantoms and monsters – http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com

I have been a guest on Lon’s radio show a few times and it was wonderful to return the favor and have him on my show.  Discussion of cryptids and cryptozoology are popular topics in the supernatural field.  For years, Lon has been researching both ghosts / hauntings as well as various cryptids, interdimensional beings and creatures – Bigfoot, Mothman, Black-Eyed Kids, winged creatures, the Dogman, among many others.

During the episode, Lon elaborated on his journey as a paranormal researcher and gave some spine-tingling first-person accounts of Bigfoot and the Dogman.  He even discussed the sightings of the winged humanoid creature that’s seen near O’Hare Airport in Chicago.  He summarized the many sightings people have had of this mysterious being, including some unique behavioral patterns it has.

Not everyone believes in cryptids, UFO encounters and alien species.  When there are so many similar sightings among people from all walks of life, it almost begs us to further explore these unknown phenomena.  I am of the belief that there is some sort of nexus between ghosts, spirits, aliens, cryptids, the Fae people, interdimensional beings, etc.   More and more people are encountering paranormal phenomena, partly because we are more open to it as a society.  I do believe there are other elusive reasons, some that us mortals are not yet permitted to know.

But, this doesn’t stop us from exploring and wondering!

You can listen to the episode at https://afterlifechronicles.podbean.com/ or on https://www.wltkdb.com

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