Joe Franke


Afterlife Study

Passport to the Paranormal

Hosted by Dr. Heather Leigh and Joe Franke

Take an adventure into the paranormal where you will discover many haunted locations, hear personal stories about paranormal encounters, and see a supernatural world through the eyes of experienced paranormal researchers - Joe Franke and Dr. Heather Leigh.

Joe Franke is a veteran of the paranormal world. Not only is he an accomplished investigator, but he is also a seasoned researcher, demonologist, consultant, and lecturer with more than 36 years of experience to his credit.

Joe’s journey into the paranormal domain began back in 1986 at the age of eighteen when he met and befriended famed paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren at a local seminar. Joe was “chosen” by the Warrens, who invited him to join them in their work as one of their original students. In fact, during their initial introduction, Joe fondly recalls Lorraine saying to him, “Honey, you were meant to do this work; would you like to come and work with us?” The Warrens took Joe under their wing and welcomed him into their family.

For more than three decades, Joe prepared under the expert tutelage of his beloved friends and mentors Ed and Lorraine Warren cultivating his knowledge of the occult and honing his skills as a researcher and demonologist. In his 36 years spent devoted to helping others, he has fought countless supernatural battles, helping to protect families as they struggled to combat and overcome their paranormal afflictions

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