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Awaken to your Truth, that you are the “I AM Presence in harmony with the Divine.” You are Consciousness beyond what the body/mind identity. Host, Lynda Hope will remind and enlighten you to know your divine nature. You were born into the body already Aware but forget it as you expanded your sense of identity, ego mind, patterned behaviors and habits. STOP SLEEP WALKING AND WAKE UP TO YOUR TIMELESS […]

Lynda Hope became Self Actualized beyond her personal identity through a series of life changing experiences. The first powerful insight was when Hope had panic attacks as a child when she questioned her mortality. Her heart beat out of her chest and her body became hot and flushed just thinking of dying. This went on for years until one night, hope said to herself, “ I will find the answer to death and dying before I die.” That thought alone, dissolved the panic attacks and she discovered how powerful thoughts can be, hence, what you believe, you conceive. Hope read Wayne Dyer’s books in the 70’s which pointed to the WITNESS. As the witness, you can watch yourself as the person, like a fly on the wall, without getting caught up in the drama of life. This led Hope to seek spiritual practices to enhance this expansive and joyful state. She discovered the Law of Attraction and participated in numerous gathers led by Esther Hicks who channeled Abraham. Being the creator of your reality is a powerful 3D knowing. You are no longer the victim but the victor. As a meditation instructor for years, she taught many seekers how to quiet the mind and BE in the moment to moment experience. She attended the Institute of Jewish Spirituality Teacher training 16 month course and attended over 10, weeklong silent retreats throughout the country. Being in the silence for days on end, allowed that KNOWING to naturally be known. It wasn’t until Hope discovered her teacher Sage and the Divine One group that what she thought was a temporary state of bliss, was actually her divine home of eternal existence.

Lynda Hope is an ordained clergy and hospital chaplain but does not identity as these titles. As a prayer leader who chants sacred Hebrew texts, the vibrational sounds and symbols elevate the prayers to a higher frequency. She also provides Hebrew chants in her 21 day meditations offered on her site, She also co-hosts a monthly podcast, ALLONE Conscious Conversations with co-host Sharon Berkowitz. She also produces adult and children’s edutainment content on her two Roku channels with producer, Jeff Cornett under Imagination Plus Productions, LLC. Her shows inspire, uplift and demonstrate the powerful energy of being creative beings.

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