Voice of Oneness

Hosted by Aumara Bonnet

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Friday 8:00 pm 9:00 pm
Welcome to the Voice of Oneness – Your Call to Awaken Podcast.
This podcast is your call to awaken to the truth of your being through the teachings of The Voice of Oneness, spoken by Aumara. On this podcast, you will receive Spiritual guidance, and the teachings of Oneness from the heart of spirit directly to your heart, along with the tools and techniques to apply these teachings in your day-to-day life. Tuning in each week, you will grow in a deeper, richer understanding of your true nature as teachings are offered about universal spiritual laws that govern our lives. You will learn the right use and application of these laws to achieve the richest life from the perspective of experiencing abundance in all areas of your life. These teachings provide the opportunity for spiritual study, growth, healing of past wounds, expansion of consciousness, raising awareness, and higher vibrational living; thus, these teachings are life-transforming. Learn to set yourself free from limitations and soar to new heights as you live a life on purpose.

We all recognize this to be a very challenging time in our history, and for very many of us, it is a fearful time, a time of great uncertainty. On this podcast, we are committed to the presentation of oneness teachings to assist you in developing a deeper understanding of your true nature and your life purpose. Clarity of mind and healing of hearts, feeling less fear, more love and peace in your life is to be your experience as you learn to connect to the Source, also known as God, Infinite Intelligence, Nature, Law, Love, and more…, of which you are one with and we are here each week to help you to do that. By providing the tools, techniques, and information for you to grow in the knowledge of and embodiment of the teachings of oneness.

If this sounds good to you, we invite you to tune in and dialog with us by submitting your questions in the chat on the live broadcasts or sending your questions to the email ( All questions of a spiritual nature will be addressed. We are here for you! We are here to unite and to join in the understanding of the Oneness of which we are in truth. We are here to share in the field of Love, to support, to guide, to inspire, and empower.
We invite you again to join us each week to open your heart and allow yourself to grow, grow, and grow in the deeper understanding of your true nature so you may live your fullest and highest potential.

Voice of Oneness


Aumara Bonnet

Aumara Bonnet is a renowned Psychic, spiritual teacher, coach, energy healer, mystic and gifted visionary who taps into the higher realms to join with the vast collective of Source energy known as The Voice of Divine Oneness to present the Oneness Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

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