todd bates

9/11 Twenty Years Later – A Tribute

Twenty years have elapsed since the day that changed American soil. It’s a day that is seared into our hearts and souls – a day we will never forget. Directed and produced by Todd Bates and Nicole Strickland, this two-hour-long special not only reflects on the events that took place ...

Haunted Voices Recap | Back to the Basics

Written by Nicole Strickland On this episode of Haunted Voices Radio, Todd and Nicole delve into their “Back to Basics” series, which is beneficial for both beginner and veteran researchers. Listen to the episode at: https://wltkdb.podbean.com/ or https://wltkdb.com/release On this Part II episode, Todd and Nicole discuss how researchers should respond to client ...

Haunted Voices Recap | Aaron Collins

On this week’s episode of Haunted Voices Radio, we welcome Aaron Collins of Northwest Paranormal Investigation Team.  View the episode at https://wltkdb.com/on-demand-video Aaron’s BIO: Aaron Collins was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He moved to the Pacific Northwest when he was just 17 years old. Aaron encountered his first “paranormal experience”. It ...

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