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July 12, 2021 - Station News

Welcome to the new WLTK-DB Paranormal Talk


Station owner Todd Bates here to tell you about some spectacular new changes to WLTK-DB.  As you may have noticed, our first change was just a few weeks back when we went to video.  Boy, I never thought I would see that day.    Little did we know, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.


Due to the ever-growing change in technology, we had to buckle down and push forward just to maintain the life of the station.  Sure, some of you may miss the live audio, but have no fear as the past recordings will always be there.  We still like those too you know.  But what about this new website, what does it have to offer?


This new website was a tremendous team effort between our talented hosts and myself.  We all gave our best to make this new website happen for you and we hope you enjoy it.  The features are nothing short of fantastic and the best is yet to come.  We have plenty more in store for you in the future, but we invite you to read on below about some of the new features.


On Demand – We understand that most of us are not able to attend a live show, nor have the time to search the Internet for good paranormal shows.  We have you covered on demand!  Just visit www.wltkdb.com and choose your preference of audio or video and catch up on your favorite shows.


Live Streaming – Not only do we stream live to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch, but also on the website. Just click the “Watch Live” menu choice to be taken to our watch landing page.  There, you will see the latest event and if you are there at the scheduled time, you will be able to watch the live program from our website.  A one-stop shop if you ask me… no more searching!


Station Blog – We are truly looking forward to this addition and will keep it loaded with some amazing content for you.  This content will be both written by the station and contributing authors to give you maximum exposure to what you need to know.


Host Pages – We have some fabulous hosts here on the station and love to spotlight their great work.  You will find access to the hosts throughout the website, in order for you to contact and learn about them.


That will do it for now and I thank you all for taking time to update yourself a bit with our new website and format.  If you should ever have questions, concerns, or complaints, please send them to contact@wltkdb.com

More Coming Soon!

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